Welsh Archery Development News

From Vic Williams

Dear Club Members

You may recall earlier this year I wrote to all clubs highlighting the opportunity for members to become involved in the proposed new Wales Development Forum.  The purpose of the forum is to listen to the grassroots of archery, to put forward ideas that will address the issues we are facing and to formulate a plan of action that will consequently help to decide which areas of development work are prioritised.  The forum will also help to accurately and positively feedback the particular needs of archery and archers in Wales to the staff team and board at Archery GB along with the Welsh Archery Association.

Since then ten individuals sent in expressions of interest, the forum has been established and has now met twice with a number of topical discussions having taken place. So this seems like a good opportunity to introduce our forum members and ensure that everyone knows who they are:- 

The 10 forum members are:

  • Ben Morgan from Ogmore Valley Archery and Cowbridge Comprehensive School club 
  • Simon Carter from Blandy Jenkins Archers
  • David & Clare Taylor from Corus Deeside Archers
  • Nick Kershaw from Colwyn Bowmen
  • Paula Young and Chloe Driscoll from Cymric Archers
  • John Davies from Pentref Bowmen
  • Wayne Bilson from Cymric Archers and Army Cadets 
  • Joanne Humphreys from Cardiff Uni Club and The Castle Archers

Each of these forum members bring a particular wealth of experience and desire to help drive archery forward in Wales. Areas of particular interest include 

  • Ensuring young people have better access to archery in schools and uniformed groups such as cadets and scouts
  • Improvements in support for people with disabilities to enjoy archery
  • Raising the profile of archery in the public’s awareness and in the media
  • Highlighting opportunities for women and girls in archery 
  • Creating more opportunities for archers to develop within the sport and advance their skills
  • Developing opportunities for archers to try out and take up different types of archery such as field and 3D
  • Improving communication and opportunities for interaction between clubs 

Now that the forum is established we would like to ensure that all clubs and individual members throughout Wales have the opportunity to input their views and provide feedback on the issues that affect them.  Our plan is to hold an online forum meeting twice per year open to all members in Wales to join in order to have your say and input your views.  This will provide an opportunity for forum members to hear directly about any issues of concern and also about any development opportunities that we can work on collectively as a club network throughout Wales. 

The first online forum meeting will take place later this year in October and all members in Wales will be able to book on via the members portal Sport80.  Once a date has been set I will circulate the information and provide details of how to log on.  In the meantime, please do get in touch with me directly with anything you’d like to bring to the attention of the forum and also, if you want to chat with any of the forum members when you come across them at competitions or club session please feel free to do so. 

Cofion annwyl/Kind regards, Vic

Victoria Williams

Archery GB Wales Development Officer