Club Rules

General Rules #

Colwyn Bowmen is affiliated to Archery GB. As such we abide by the Rules of Shooting: 

  1. All archers are expected to assist in the setting up of the targets prior to shooting and/or putting the targets away on completion of shooting. 
  2. All archers will shoot from a common shooting line (the WHITE line), with the targets positioned at distances required.
  3. All archers must stand behind the waiting line (the RED line) when not shooting.
  4. Archers equipment must be placed behind the equipment line to avoid creating a trip hazard.
  5. An archer should shoot no more than three arrows per end, unless they can comfortably shoot more without holding up other archers who are shooting three arrows.
  6. An archer should only shoot their arrows when it is safe to do so and on command from the Field Captain or by the sound of one blow from a whistle.
  7. An archer should only collect their arrows when it is safe to do so and on command from the Field Captain or by the sound of two blows from a whistle.
  8. An archer should never draw his/her bow unless standing on the shooting line facing the targets.
  9. If the word ‘ FAST‘ is called at any time the archer should stop shooting immediately and remove the arrow from the bow.
  10. Please keep the store cupboard in a clean and tidy state. Only Club equipment can be kept in the store cupboards.

Range Etiquette #

A good Archer:

  • Does not talk in a loud voice while others are shooting.
  • Does not talk to another competitor who obviously prefers to be silent.
  • Does not make any exclamations on the shooting line which may disconcert a neighbour in the act of shooting.
  • Does not walk off the shooting line while a neighbour is at full draw.
  • Does not walk along the line and compare scores.
  • Does not touch anyone else’s archery equipment without permission.
  • Does not leave litter lying around.
  • Does not disturb people with loud mobile phone ringtones or speaking on the phone on or around the shooting line.

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